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2nd December
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1. Nettle Tea has been proven to boost overall health!

2. Nettle Tea is full of the vitimins and minerals your body needs, such as iron, calcium, magnesium, cobalt, zinc and many more!

3. Nettle tea costs LESS that regular tea!

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The best place to buy nettle tea online. Where the health benefits of nettle leaf tea will be felt both internally and externally.

When you buy nettle tea, you get more than just a refreshing drink. There are many health benefits associated with nettle tea and nettle based products.

Nettle tea is also commonly known as Stinging Nettle Tea and Nettle Leaf Tea. Our Nettle Tea is available as loose-leaf tea or dried powdered tea.  When you buy our nettle tea, it is packaged fresh and sent directly to your door.

Our Nettle Tea Shop page also shows our other Nettle products, including our new Nettle Detox Tea.

As the name suggests, nettle tea is made from the stinging nettle plant. This is the same plant you find growing wild in the UK. The process for making nettle tea is fairly simple but can be a long process. Buying nettle tea is a much simpler option!

You can only buy nettle tea and other nettle products from us. Please check out our
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